prince reviews albums – where I review every Prince album ever made! – where I review every Prince album ever made.

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A life long Prince fan since FOR YOU (Showing how old I am!) all the way until today – I have been through the ups and downs as per any fan but over the years the one constant in my life has been Prince.

Even in his 50’s he never ceases to amaze and surprise me. I am always fascinated by his thought process and his allure to thousands of fans. This is a place where I review every Prince album ever made and it’s a labor of love 🙂

Recently, with the release of Art Official Age and PlectrumElectrum Prince has re-emerged as a serious and relevant Rock GOD. With so many fans having to wait the longest ever (4 years) since his tight funk album 20Ten, and with sporadic single releases and some videos, lots of public charity work as well as live performance scattered around the world, you wonder where a man in his 50’s finds the energy – but he does, and despite some odd behaviour and much fan aggrevation – refer to the forums in to see what I mean – he is well and truly about the music. In fact, it seems to please him no end to make music – and as fans we are eternally grateful. His new body of work, gives Prince a thoroughly modern feel without taking away the quintessential “princeness” of the music – ultimately when listening to newer, younger artists, many still struggle to match the quality of output that Prince can provide, even in his twilight years… or wait – perhaps he is just getting started…

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