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Love Symbol Album 1992

The Love Symbol Album 1992, was a slightly less, but still rather successful follow up to Diamonds and Pearls. For me, it’s a better album, but it is all over the place. It’s the typical Prince reaction to a successful album – make something completely the opposite, weird, eccentric, and using new styles (reggae anyone?).

The two first songs, and two of the hit singles from the album, the explosive “My name is Prince” is almost an agry rap song, but it’s so big and brash, so 90’s that it kind of works. The next song, is the much quieter, much ruder Sexy Motherfucker, or Sexy MF for Americans. The first single and one of Prince’s best in a long time, its as confident a sound you can get, all Jazzed up, using the brilliant NPG to it’s full effect.

Love 2 the 9’s and the Morning papers are simple two great songs, and remain staple classics to this day. The the interesting songs commence, The Max, is a song for it’s time, hasn’t aged well, and Blue Light is a sort of nothing song, a quirky romatic reggae experiment. I Wanna melt with U is an experiment with techno and has a raunchy video clip to accompany it. Sounded good at the time, sounds really dated now. Sweet Baby and Damn U are fine songs, Damn U has always been a favourite of mine and is one of the albums best moments. By the way, throughout the album are segues and discussion with Vanessa Bartholomew played by Kirstie Alley, and there are also vocals from Prince’s future wife, Mayte Garcia. But they are more nuisances, than interesting things to listen to.

The album ends with classics, And God created woman, a nice 90’s song, the EPIC 3 chains of gold, basically a Queen rip off, but still really enjoyable and the future funky Sacrifice of Victor, another Epic about racism.

I mean, it’s just an all round Epic album with something for everyone, very hip for the time and really enjoyable with very few bad songs. Even the dated tracks, are fun to listen to.

Highly recommend this album.

Track listing below.

No. Title Length
1. My Name is Prince 6:39
2. Sexy MF 5:25
3. “Love 2 the 9’s” 5:45
4. The Morning Papers 3:57
5. “The Max” 4:30
6. “Segue” 0:21
7. “Blue Light” 4:38
8. “I Wanna Melt with U” 3:50
9. “Sweet Baby” 4:01
10. “The Continental” (featuring Carmen Electra) 5:31
11. Damn U 4:25
12. “Arrogance” 1:35
13. “The Flow” 2:26
14. 7 5:13
15. “And God Created Woman”
16. “3 Chains o’ Gold” 6:03
17. “Segue” 1:30
18. “The Sacrifice of Victor” 5:41