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The Chocolate Invasion 2004

The Chocolate Invasion only being available on the NPG Music club website in 2004 is a pretty low key affair, but a return to funk and soul music. To be fair, it’s a pretty good collection of songs, “Sex Me? Sex Me Not” is an outstanding funk number as is “Whenever I lay my hands on you”, in fact that song is as good as any Prince song. The final mention is to the brilliant “The Dance” which is later re-recorded in 3121 in 2006.

The Chocolate Invasion is a surprisingly consistent collection of songs, and pretty enjoyable addition to Prince’s list of albums.

Track listing

  1. “When Eye Lay My Hands on U” – 3:45
  2. “Judas Smile” – 6:37
  3. Supercute” – 4:17
  4. “Underneath the Cream” – 4:04
  5. “Sex Me? Sex Me Not” – 5:46
  6. “Vavoom” – 4:40
  7. “High” – 5:09
  8. “The Dance” – 4:45
  9. “Gamillah” (credited to The New Power Generation) – 3:13
  10. U Make My Sun Shine” – 5:52