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The Gold Experience 1995

The Gold Experience (or TGE to many fans), released in 1995 was supposed to come out in 1994 at the same time as Come, but couldn’t be any more different. Possibly the last of his major hits, with the odd “come back” every now and then, it contains some of the most spiritual, uplifting and positive music Prince has ever made. In some respects a soul mate to Diamonds & Pearls and Lovesexy before that.

This album contains more annoying “segues”, but generally good music. The best of which are “The most beautiful girl in the world”, which in reality is a slight disappointment as it is a bloated re-recorded version of the single that went to number 1 all over the world, but it’s still a stand out.

The brilliant “Dolphin” is another standout, but still not as good as the more raw, shorter version on The Undertaker the year before.

Other re-recordings, such as “Shhh” is over long, over produced, and bloated. Still a good song, but the problem is that I heard the Tevin Campbell version the year before and thought (and still do) that that was a better song.

“Eye Hate U” is a good song, but it’s once again very melodramatic and over the top.

319 and Billy Jack Bitch are 90’s funk songs, but are missing the soul and personality that you would have seen on tracks like “Kiss” and “Alphabet Street”. Hence, why I start to think that TGE while it had some great songwriting on it, was the start of the decline of Prince’s funk music (bear with me, Chaos and Disorder is still yet to be released), so in terms of rock he was still churning out classics – as proved by Endorphinmachine. And I must admit to still loving Dolphin and the title track at the end “Gold”, just because they are so uplifting.

3 out of 5

All songs written by Prince, except where indicated.

  1. “Pussy Control” (censored as “P Control”) – 5:59
  2. “NPG Operator” – 0:10
  3. “Endorphinmachine” – 4:07
  4. “Shhh” – 7:18
  5. “We March” (Prince, Nona Gaye) – 4:49
  6. “NPG Operator” – 0:16
  7. The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” – 4:25
  8. “Dolphin” – 4:59
  9. “NPG Operator” – 0:18
  10. “Now” – 4:30
  11. “NPG Operator” – 0:31
  12. “319” – 3:05
  13. “NPG Operator” – 0:10
  14. “Shy” – 5:04
  15. “Billy Jack Bitch” (Prince, Michael B. Nelson) – 5:32
  16. Eye Hate U” – 5:54
  17. “NPG Operator” – 0:44
  18. Gold” – 7:23