The Truth 1998

Part of the 4 CD Crystal Ball collection, The Truth was a “bonus” CD, which is in my opinion, the reason to buy the whole set. It’s like Prince “unplugged” in a way, stripped to the bone, and a nice reaction to the overproduced recordings of most of his 90’s output.

The problem with “The Truth” is the lyrical subject matter – although one of the most articulate and convincing lyrical outputs in a while, it’s also shows the state of mind the man was in.  “Don’t play me”, one of my favourites on the album, sounds like a grumpy old man because he doesn’t get played on radio anymore. Declaring that he likes to listen to his own music anyway, comparing other artists to lesser versions of himself. “Animal Kingdom”, sounds a bit like Oasis, and is a fairly weird song about justification for vegetarianism, and there are some nice cute songs, like “Circle of Amour”, almost innocent, childlike and pervy at the same time…   “Comeback” and “One of your tears” are brilliant songs, but I really like “Dionne” for it’s jazzy contemporary feel. “Other side of the pillow” is standard Prince ballad, and “Man in a Uniform” is a pretty funky acoustic song.

I think the simplicity and stripped down nature of this CD, has meant that it has aged well and still sounds pretty good. With basically no promotion or publicity and only available as part of the overall Crystal Ball set, this album seemingly loses it’s identity and has probably only been heard by purists..

A forgotten classic…

4 out of 5

  1. The Truth (3:35)
  2. Don’t Play Me (2:48)
  3. Circle Of Amour (4:44)
  4. 3rd (4:54)
  5. Dionne (3:14)
  6. Man In A Uniform (3:08) 1 
  7. Animal Kingdom (4:01) 1 
  8. The Other Side Of The Pillow (3:22)
  9. Fascination (4:55)
  10. One Of Your Tears (3:27)
  11. Comeback (2:00)
  12. Welcome 2 The Dawn (Acoustic Version) (3:18)

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